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Vernal Airport and Tensar Triax Geogrid
Posted - October 03, 2019 by

The Vernal Airport design consisted of a fabric and Tirax Geogrid stabilization system. The site was graded, then a Class 1 AASHTO M288 8oz geotextile was installed for separation and filtration. Tensar TX160 was then placed on top of the fabric in-order to create a mechanical interlock for the aggregate section. This system was designed to increase the overall lifespan of the runway as well as remediate any soft soil issues on site. This design was approved and vetted by the FAA.

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Tensar Glass Grid and Sysco Foods Truck Lot
Posted - September 26, 2019 by

Tensar Glass Grid 8511 TF was used at Sysco Foods to structurally reinforce the asphalt trucking lot at the site. By adding the grid into the the asphalt section the overall life span of the surface was greatly enhanced. The Glass Grid 8511 TF is also unique in the fact that it does not require an oil tack coat. The black plastic looking material in the picture below is actually a synthetic tack coat that melts at 273 degrees and performs just like the oil in standard overlay application.

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