Got soft soils? Not sure what to do? No idea what it will cost to remediate the site? Mountainland Supply has an answer and it starts with having our Engineered Solutions team pay a visit to your job site and perform a DCP test. A DCP test (dynamic cone penetration test) at your site will provide the necessary information to know exactly what the bearing capacity of the soil is at that particular location. With that information Mountainland Supply and Tensar Geogrids can provide a buildable solution. Once we run the test and know what the your site can handle; we will provide you with a solution showing exactly which geogrid and how much aggregate it will take to fix and treat your site.

Why guess how much rock you will need to push or how much of the site will need to be dug out. Fill out the information below and we will have a member of our Engineered Solutions team set up a time to perform a DCP test on your site.